English Department



Cheung Hiu Shuen   S1, S4, S6


Cheung Ka Yee   S2, S3, S6


Chiu Kik Ling  S2, S4, S6


Fung Mui  S1, S2, S3


Ho Sze Kit  S1, S2, S3


Ho Wing Man  S4, S6 (Oral)


Hung Ka Man  S1, S2, S5


Tse Man Fong (Assistant Panel)  S3, S4, S6


Lee Shuet Yee (Panel Head)  S4, S5, S6 (Oral)


Li Yuen Ling, Janice (NET)  S1 (Oral), S5


Lui Yeuk Hei  S3, S6


Ho Ruby  S1, S5

English Teachers:

Useful English Learning Websites

self-directed learning (1)

self-directed learning (2)

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